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Thank you so much for visiting us at Apartment 413! If you are here to learn about all things DIY, you have landed in the right place.

Apartment 413 began as an idea many years ago. I was living in Apt #413, had my first full-time job, and just graduated from college. I was looking for a way to decorate my first “adult” apartment, on a budget. I purchased empty frames, fabric, lots of craft supplies, and sat down ready to make. It was rough. I had no clue what I was doing. I was a self-proclaimed nerd. Math and science were my strong suits, anything creative… not so much. To my surprise, my apartment turned out better than I could imagine. With the help of my crafty mom, I sewed custom curtains and pillows. I hung a gallery wall with images I found online and gained a new appreciation for Command Strips and a laser level. After several nights of hard work, I was so proud of my little one bedroom apartment.

It became a creative space where I spent evenings dreaming up projects and designs that I turned into tangible works of art. My arts and crafts quickly spread into my everyday life, filling my heart with a new purpose.

After planning a DIY wedding and marrying the man of my dreams, I realized I wanted to pursue this DIY lifestyle as a full-time career. My husband and I moved to the craft capital of America, Salt Lake City, Utah, so I could become a professional crafter. As I continue to craft professionally, I realized that I want to share my personal journey as well. Enter this blog, Apartment 413. That apartment has continued to have a special place in my heart. It is the place I realized my love for all things crafting and DIY, where I fell in love with my husband, and where I began to grasp who I wanted to be as a woman. From the moment I stepped into that apartment, I knew it was meant to be. The address alone was a good sign. My mom’s birthday is April 13th and my favorite Bible verse happens to be Philippians 4:13. Isn’t that too good to be true? I thought so too! 🙂

I may no longer be living in that little apartment in Irvine, CA, but I know that this blog can become a home to all of those lofty goals, dreams, and craft projects. Together we can fake it ’till we make it and have a little fun while doing it. We will learn to craft, sew, decorate, throw parties, maybe build a thing or two…

I hope you stick around and follow along as I turn this little blog into my biggest craft project yet!

So much love,